Stories from IWTSYM performed in the Word for Word staged series at Z Space, San Francisco

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I Want To Show You More a finalist for Late Night Library’s Debut-litzer Prize

I Want To Show You More longlisted for the Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award

I Want To Show You More a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Art Seidenbaum Award for First Fiction

I Want To Show You More a finalist for the Townsend Prize for Fiction

I Want To Show You More a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle John Leonard Prize

I Want To Show You More a 2013 New York Times Notable Book

I Want To Show You More an NPR Best Book of 2013

James Wood, The New Yorker, names IWTSYMFavorite Book of 2013

Dwight Garner, New York Times, names IWTSYMTop Ten Book of 2013

IWTSYM a San Francisco Chronicle Recommended Book of 2013

Largehearted Boy selects IWTSYM as a Favorite Story Collection of 2013

I Want To Show You More a Book Riot Best Book of 2013

Baltimore City Paper names I Want To Show You More a Top 10 Book of 2013

IWTSYM selected by David Abrams at The Quivering Pen as a Top 10 Book of 2013

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“The best stories in Jamie Quatro’s first collection, I Want to Show You More, are about adultery. They are passionate, sensuous, savagely intense, and remarkable for their brave dualism. Quatro’s female protagonists yearn and lust, and the stories articulate that lustful yearning with an exciting literary freedom; but these infidelities and imagined infidelities play out against the shadow of Christian belief and Christian prohibition. This is unusual, not just in contemporary fiction but perhaps in modern fiction generally . . . Moves between carnality and spirit like some franker, modernized Flannery O’Connor tale . . . Quatro has a poet’s compound eye . . . [and] fearless lyricism. . . . Expansive, joyful, with forgiveness supplanting ruination. Who needs the New Testament? In Quatro’s world, hard Genesis is always making way for the softer Song of Solomon: ‘I sat down under his shadow with great delight, and his fruit was sweet to my taste.’”—James Wood, The New Yorker

“[With its] impressive agility and inventiveness . . . I Want to Show You More is an obsessive first collection that feels like a fifth or sixth. It is a dogged, brutally thoughtful piece of work, and gives us a writer of great originality and apparent artistic maturity who seems to have come out of nowhere. . . . Strange, thrilling, and disarmingly honest . . . Quatro hits the right balance, giving us the closest thing I’ve seen in years to Donald Barthelme’s insouciance, sweetness, and ominousness. . . . Provides the most engaging literary treatment of Christianity since O’Connor, without a hint of the condescension the subject often receives in contemporary fiction. . . . [Quatro's] flights of fancy are never ostentatious or arbitrary; instead they grow naturally out of the emotional and psychological states of her characters. Readers may hope to see more of this hallucinatory mode from her, but—if they’re like me—they will welcome whatever they can get.”—J. Robert Lennon, The New York Times Book Review

“Subtle, sexy, and reflective . . . Quatro is incisive on technology and our new varities of instant gratification. . . . Quatro’s stories [have] led some to compare her work to that of Walker Percy and Flannery O’Connor. I also picked up metal-detector traces of Jayne Anne Phillips . . . and of Lorrie Moore’s pulverizing wit. . . . In order to be good at big things, writers must be good at small ones. Quatro’s details resonate. . . . There’s so much in these stories that’s shocking. Yet there’s so much solace.”—Dwight Garner, The New York Times

“A remarkable debut by an important new voice . . . Quatro [has] a mature understanding of how we handle disappointment and how, quite often, we take refuge in the most unhelpful places. How we feel doesn’t affect our lives nearly so much as where we take our feelings.”—Patrick Ryan, The Toronto Star

“Vivid . . . Arresting . . . Quatro very much establishes her own distinctive voice and style. . . . A luminous collection that announces a unique literary talent. Quatro’s stories dazzle and shine.”—S. Kirk Walsh, San Francisco Chronicle

“Delicious reading . . . [An] impressive debut about the shortcomings of people who wrestle with angels, and usually lose.”—Amy Gentry,Chicago Tribune

“Shattering and exceptional . . . The effect of this intersection of the domestic with sex and with ecstatic faith was, for me, a freakily new reading experience. . . . Quatro shoves us close to the grotesqueness of our desires. . . . Tense and musical.”—Karen Long,The Plain Dealer (Cleveland)

“Prizewinning Quatro’s highly anticipated and deeply intriguing first book, a subtly metamorphosing short story collection, shimmers with touches of Flannery O’Connor and George Saunders. Her bifurcated setting, Lookout Mountain on the border of Georgia and Tennessee, gives rise to inquiries into the opacity and intimacy of marriage, social hypocrisy, and the divide between what is verifiably real and what we imagine. . . . Cancer, addictions, the curious dismantling of a church, and the birth of a cult also fuel compelling moral dilemmas that yoke bizarreness with authenticity.”  -Donna Seaman, Booklist

“Quatro’s tone is haunting and sharp . . . [reminiscent of] the dark-meets-light style of Lydia Davis or Alice Munro— but it leaves room for zingers, too. Quatro is so good that we’ll temper any eye rolling at the usual ‘voice of a new generation’ claims with the hope that the title of this debut collection isn’t just a tease.” -Julie Vadnal, Elle

“Much of the tension in these stories stems from characters realizing that what they’ve long considered God’s plan can theoretically be molded to match their own desires. What Quatro renders so accurately is the power and pain that comes with such a realization. . . . These stories are bold (and wise) in their portrayal of how, when we want to find a sign, we can usually make ourselves find it. Many comparisons will be made between Quatro’s and Flannery O’Connor’s treatments of religion and faith; they are all accurate and deserved. But this book pushes past that inheritance by examining how it holds up it in our time, when we’re effortlessly connected by technology, when affairs (or almost-affairs) can be conducted safely (or almost safely) from hundreds of miles away.”—Jennine Capo Crucet, The L Magazine

Occasionally, a first book of short stories can shake the world awake with its extraordinarily singular vision and voice, reinvigorating language. Jamie Quatro’s I Want to Show You More is such a book—and holy fuck, is it. . . . Startling, heartrending, and extraordinarily sexy . . . [with] allegorical scene[s] worthy of Kafka or Donald Barthelme.”—Baynard Woods, Baltimore City Paper

“Dark, bizarre, and highly sexual . . . Some stories are uncomfortable, pushing the limit with their sheer oddity and disregard for social norms. But isn’t that the point?”—Lindsay Deutsch, USA Today

“A brilliant new voice in American fiction has arrived.  Bright, sharp, startling, utterly distinctive, passionate, and secretive, Jamie Quatro’s stories are missives from deep within the landscape of American womanhood.  They take you by the heart and throat, shake you awake, and ask you to ponder the mysteries of love, parenthood, and marriage.  She has earned a place alongside Amy Hempel, Lydia Davis, and Alice Munro.” —David Means, author of Assorted Fire Events and The Spot

“Fasten your seat belt: Jamie Quatro is a writer of great talent who knows how to take a dark turn without ever tapping the brakes and then bring you back into daylight with breathtaking precision. These amazing stories explore the human boundaries between the physical world and the spiritual—lust, betrayal, and loss in perfect balance with love, redemption, and grace.” —Jill McCorkle, author of Going Away Shoes and Life After Life

“With her wild and dark imagination, Quatro has crafted highly original, thought-provoking, and deeply moving stories about faith, marriage, infidelity, sex, and death. This is bold, daring fiction.”The Columbus Dispatch

“[Quatro's] stories are uncensored, sometimes eccentric explorations of life—its darkness and brilliance.”Oxford American

“These are stories that make you stop whatever you’re doing and read. They show us who we are at our better moments and those other moments too. These are delightful stories for this brand new century, from an author unafraid to face it. I salute a brilliant new American writer.” —Tom Franklin, author of Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter

“Eyebrow-raisingly good . . . Quatro’s style has the terse, stabbing power of Raymond Carver in his finest hour, but at the same time there’s the fuller lyricism of something by Alice Munro humming below the surface of the words.”—David Abrams, The Quivering Pen

“Quatro maps a twinkling constellation of modern-day desire, paranoia, and grief against an inky background of Souther religious and historical fervor. But the gothic beauty and bittersweet humor of her style are the real stars of this arresting debut.”—Bryan Lowder, NY1

“Yowza…this one is going to be big. It’s a debut collection of linked short stories set in the American south, and it’s so good, I kind of want to lick it.” -Rebecca Joines Schinsky, Book Riot

“The characters in these absolutely unique stories live at a nearly intolerable level of intensity, stretched on a self-created rack between faith and sexuality—and they’re even smart enough to be conflicted about whether or not there’s a conflict. Jamie Quatro spares us neither the strangeness of their experience nor its discomfiting familiarity. She observes them with a cool, comic yet compassionate eye, and shapes the raw material of their passionate strivings with a steady, skillful hand—a miracle in which any reader can believe.” —David Gates, author of Jernigan and The Wonders of the Invisible World

“Jamie Quatro’s stories are about religion and children and sex and death and infidelity and God, and together they create one of the most authentically horrifying portraits of modern American adulthood I’ve ever read. Did I mention these stories are also very, very funny? Ladies and gentlemen, this is what short fiction is for.” —Tom Bissell, author of Magic Hours and The Father of All Things

“Each one of the stories in this astonishing collection is exquisitely crafted, the characters as complex, real, and finely drawn as you’ll find. No hyperbole here: Jamie Quatro is an outstanding new talent.”  —Elizabeth Crane, author of We Only Know So Much

“Quatro has mastered the art of the double take—that whiplash of recognition that gets the reader first at the level of the sentence, then, with extra reward, at story’s end. The author pushes fearlessly, cape close to horns, blade held high and at risky angles. An impressive debut.” —Sven Birkerts, author of The Other Walk: Essays

“From under the placid surface of Quatro’s stories sentences of astonishing strangeness startle the pond and serve as reminders of the dangerous, unknowable human heart. . . . Here is a new talent with work made to last.” —Christine Schutt, author of Florida and Prosperous Friends

“I keep saying, ‘God almighty, that’s a great story’ after I finish one.”—George Singleton, author of Stray Decorum

“Stunning . . . Odd and beautiful . . . [Quatro] flashes momentarily into our world, turns it upside down, and shakes it. I want [her] to show me more.”—Stephen Usery, Chapter 16